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What this privacy policy stands for.

Please read this Privacy Policy carefully as we describe how the information you shared on this site ( is collected, shared, and used when you make any purchase. Furthermore, it mentions how ALPHACTORY makes sure of how your data is protected under the Data Protection Act 1998. Also, it informs how you could protect your information from frauds or online scammers who may pretend to be us, as in ALPHACTORY.                        


What information is collected?

Personal information such as your name, address, email address, phone or mobile number is collected when you provide us with the information while making any purchase from ALPHACTORY website.

Keep in mind, when you put such information for making a purchase, we take it in as your consent allowing us to store your information to provide better customer service with a website tailored according to your personal preference. The data would be further used to verify your identity, manage any account(s) you create with us (ALPHACTORY), for research purposes to meet your needs, to carry out security checks to avoid any fraudulent activity and lastly, for promotion and marketing purposes.

However, before we send out any marketing or promotional materials to your email, we will directly seek your consent, so that you have the option to refuse any further contact regarding that subject.


How my information is collected?

According to this Privacy policy, when we mention about collecting your “Personal Information” it is a combination of your “Order Information” and “Device Information”.

As mentioned above, a few of your personal information is collected directly by taking your consent at the time of purchasing from our website. We refer to this as "Order Information", where your name, billing address, shipping address, payment information (including credit card numbers), email address and phone number and other informations are collected.

When you visit our website, we automatically collect certain information about your device such as your IP address, your web browser, timestamp and cookies that are installed on your device. Also, as you browse through the site, we collect information about the individual web pages or items that you view and how you interact within this website. This automatically-collected data as we refer to as "Device Information" helps us to know what individual customer wants or is interested in so we can reach out by using a proper advertising strategy that suits individual’s needs.

For instance, when you visit our website and later browse through any other sites. You might notice our advertisement banner popping up somewhere in the corner, top or at the bottom of the page as we use utilise your browsing history on our site to reach out with the product advertisement that you might have been looking or might be interested in.

We use technologies such as pixels, web beacons, ad tags, mobile identifier, log files and cookies (learn cookies and how to disable it below) stored on your device to collect your device-related information.  



When you browse through a website, make a purchase or any other activity you do within our website is stored as a small data file known as Cookies within the device (smartphone, tablet or PC) you used to visit our website. The information stored is anonymous, which means your name, address, email address, payment method etcetera, which we refer to as "Order Information" is not collected in the cookies.

But cookies may store your activity under a unique customer reference number which helps us identify you and your interests which helps us provide better website experience and customer service to you by advertising items that may interest you or with promotional offers which you might be interested in. Furthermore, it also helps us keep in track with the last time you visited our site and retrieve any item you left in your 'shopping cart'.

To learn more about cookies in details, visit


There are two types of Cookies that we use to collect device information:

  1. Session Cookies – which are temporary cookies deleted after the visit of each session or as soon as you exit our website or close your browser. Disabling this cookie would result in you being not able to purchase anything from our website as you won't be able to add items in your cart and move to the payment page.


  1. Persistent Cookies – are cookies which hold onto information for a set period which enables you to retrieve items left in your cart or find items easily which you browsed during your last visit on our website.


You can always disable cookies from your browser’s privacy and security settings, however, you might not get any personalised facilities from our website or might face an issue with our page’s loading speed in future if you proceed to do so.


How do we utilise the collected information?

As mentioned earlier, your data collected is valuable to us on providing better customer service to you with personalised website experience, promotional and marketing offers, crime and fraud prevention, abandoned cart recovery and faster check-outs for future.

Your information could be shared with third-party service providers used by us to ensure our service is delivered effectively and efficiently to you. We will ensure only necessary data is shared with our third-party service provider so that they could complete part of their service such as providing name, address and phone number to our delivery courier to ensure your order reaches to you providing proper updates and in a timely manner.

Our website is powered by Shopify Inc., which is an e-commerce platform. So, the “Personal Information” you provide will be stored on their database for security and research purposes which will be protected at all times and only be shared with appropriate third parties. For more information about Shopify’s privacy policy visit

Our third-party service providers such as our payment gateways and other payment service providers have their own privacy policies which they follow to handle your provided information. So, we recommend reading their privacy policies to identify their procedure on handling your information as some of them might be subjected to disclose your information depending on their location and applied jurisdiction(s). For instance, when you proceed to pay for a product you will be lead to a payment processor’s page, from there on forwards whatever information you share is not under our Privacy Policy and the payment provider could be located in a different country where the law states the information you provided could be disclosed with certain authority.

Lastly, if required we may share your personal information with government bodies, law enforcement or agencies, courts or insurance companies to comply with any ongoing investigation or lawful request to comply with any legal obligation and protect our legal rights.


What do we do to protect your information/data?

ALPHACTORY cares about you and your security, which is why we follow industries best practice standards to ensure your information remains safe. ALPHACTORY will not hold onto their customer's data longer than we are required for any legal or organisational legitimate reasons. Your data are encrypted and stored safely to make sure it does not get leaked, disclosed, altered or destroyed by any means. To protect your credit card details, it is encrypted and secured using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) which protects your sensitive information from getting stolen by the malicious user over the internet.

However, despite ALPHACTORY aims to ensure your data always remains safe and secured from any online frauds using the best practices available but does not guarantee any information will be absolutely secured from unanticipated online threats.


What you can do to ensure your information remains safe.

As a customer and an individual, you always have a responsibility to protect your valuable information. ALPHACTORY does understand to keep up with the pace of the modern world, many of the times you are bound to disclose certain information to establishments. Also, acknowledge the value of your information as much as you. So, we would suggest some of the steps you can take to ensure your data remains safe from getting misused or disclosed to the wrong entity.

  • When using an account or making transaction, make sure you log out and close web browser once you finish.
  • Do not use simple passwords which could be easily guessed, such as your Date of Birth or use simple numeric or alphabetic characters as such passwords are vulnerable to get leaked to malicious users online. We recommend using a combination of alphabets, numbers and symbols or minimum eight or more characters.
  • Do not use the same password for different logins and keep changing the password from time to time to ensure the safety of your user id.

Remember ALPHACTORY would not contact any customers using any private or official email or phone numbers sending out text or emails asking for personal information or banking details for any transaction issue.


Transfer of information.

ALPHACTORY reserves the right of transferring your data to a third party or rightful authority by legal means to conduct business operations. The parties receiving the information should provide adequate proof of protection measures before your information is transferred.

In future, if the ownership of the company changes then new management and board of directors would have legitimate rights to collect all the information ALPHACTORY has collected and stored, as it is a necessary process which is required to ensure business owners have complete control over the company and access to the existing customer’s information.


Your Rights.

As an individual or a customer, you have the rights to have control over how your information is handled. So below we have listed some of the rights you have over your information which is collected by us:

  • You have the right to know how your information is being used.
  • You have the right to know what information we hold about you.
  • You have the right to change or update any existing information held.
  • You have the right to opt-out from any consent you have given us to use your data for or even prevent us from reaching out to you for marketing or advertising reasons.
  • You have the right restrict on how much of your data we can use.
  • You have the right to request us to erase any existing personal data we have collected or stored, which is no longer required for our business operational purposes.

Some of the rights explained might be subjected to conditions which are beyond our control, such as information provided to third-party service providers from, e.g. delivery couriers or payment gateways will fall under their privacy policy conditions which are not stored by us. Another example is restricting of transfer of data, for instance, you have not prevented ALPHACTORY from sharing information with law enforcement or government agencies for any ongoing legal investigation if approached, while information is still stored in our system. As it is our legal duty to cooperate with legal authorities to ensure we abide by the law and exercise our legal obligations.

For any concerns about your personal information held by us or request for change or removal of your personal data, please email with You might be required to provide adequate information to confirm your identity so that we do not alter or erase someone else’s stored data.


Change in Policy/Update in future.

ALPHACTORY reserves the right to change or update this privacy policy at any time without any notice or consent. However, our current subscribed customers will be sent out with a notice of changes in this privacy policy. We will contact you if we are required by law to seek your consent for any changes is made to the protocol on how we handle your stored information. Also, you can always visit our website and check the version of the privacy policy, which will be mentioned at the bottom of the page to ensure you are informed and updated with our current policy.




Privacy Policy Version 20/02/2020